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ArtCee Foundation

Giving to our communities empowers everyone in that community

The ArtCee Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to youth development, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and in growing our arts and entertainment communities. 

We support the personal development of the individual - their mental, physical, spiritual, and creative selves... the whole self. We believe that as unique individuals, we thrive in environments that encourage us to be our best or lift us up when we are not. We are active participants in our community and believe we can each make a difference.

We commit to partnering with existing organizations to help them thrive and move forward their all-too important missions of increasing awareness, sharing resources and finding cures. If you would like us to consider one of your favorite charities, please let us know.


The ArtCee Foundation supports the arts through leadership, advocacy, scholarships, and grants.


The Art Fund is designed to see imagination and creative projects come to life. The fund is committed to investing in independent projects and individual artists and creatives that want to make a positive impact through the work they are producing.

We believe that our world is made better by what we create and share. Let's make more art and celebrate the vibrancy we contribute to our community.

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