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Sin City Makeover

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We're excited to spotlight the talented cast of the new reality show Sin City Makeover, filming right here in Las Vegas! In this exclusive sneak peek, contestants Alicia and Reesi open up about their motivations for joining the transformational competition. Celebrity coach Christy Taylor also gives insight into the show's uplifting premise.


For contestant Reesi, just joining 9 days ago, the lure was getting back in shape after holiday indulgences. Despite typically going to the gym 4 days a week, she admits to "binge eating" over Thanksgiving and her birthday. Reesi is ready for a "reboot" through this fun new challenge.

The makeover isn't just about physical fitness though. Sin City Makeover takes a holistic approach with coaches for nutrition, finances, mindset, spirituality and more. As Christy explains, "Some people might be better at the workouts but not as good with finances or lifestyle motivation. They'll have someone there teaching what they lack."

With her expertise in fashion and lifestyle, Christy is perfectly positioned as one of the coaches helping guide competitors through complete life transformations.


While the show involves competitions over a 6-week period, the focus is truly on uplifting people rather than harsh elimination rounds. Christy praises the passion of executive producer Ace Michaels in creating an inspirational premise.


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Watch their full interview below:

Interviewed by: Rachel Gomez, Founder & CEO |

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