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Drew Perlas

I looked at your site and all the awesome videos you've done. When did you realize that this was something you wanted to do with the rest of your life — creating music videos and behind the scenes  stuff that you've done?

I started professionally at the end of 2020, when I got hired through a studio. What made me want to take this on as an everyday thing, and I’m very passionate about it, is when I got flown out for some work in New York for the cannabis industry. And man, the scene, going out there and seeing endless opportunities and possibilities, just made me want to do this. I don't see it as work. I see it as fun. That's the big picture for me. 

So it's already fun for you, which is amazing, and this is just the beginning.

This is for sure the beginning for me. I’ve got a long way to go!

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What are some art pieces that have inspired you on your journey to do your own work?

When I was a kid or even when I was in high school, I'd be on YouTube, and being on YouTube it's an endless hole.  You can watch so many videos. I've come across basketball highlight mixtapes where they make the videos look so cool. I'm just inspired. I either want to be in front of that or I want to be creating that. Then from there I started coming across music videos from freelance videographers and seeing how somebody you know, individually, can do something like that.  I got really inspired from all the creativity coming out of those videos. 

So, ArtCee is a collaboration platform. When you collaborate with artists what is your process?

It depends. If it's someone I'm meeting for the first time, I'm gonna try and do my best, and whatever we can do as a team. Seeing what they’re strong at and where their weaknesses are. You know, working as a team because I want to get it done and bring the image to life, whatever they want from their vision.

You were hired by a studio in 2020. What was that like for you to be hired by a studio to produce work? 

It can be overwhelming at some point. I'm still with the studio, here and there, but it was overwhelming at first. Man, just coming through trial and error, and going through the progression and the process of things. It becomes very fun when you have a great rhythm. 

Trial and error is definitely the way to go, right? You gotta try it. Just go for it and then win it! That's the only way I see really being successful in something. Once in a blue moon, you can go once and done with something, and it would be perfect. But you're always gonna have to go through something going wrong and then adjusting and doing better. 

What is one of your dream projects? 

Man, I have a lot! But one of my many dream projects is being a personal videographer for an NBA player. Someone I could be very personal with and make a close friend at the same time. 

So basketball is your thing, yeah? 

I love basketball! [laughs] I could watch or play basketball all day!

When you arrive at a place where you get stuck on your creative process, whether you're working on a video or any of your creative projects, what do you do to overcome that? 

For instance, sometimes when I create music videos for some clients, they'll give me freedom, like absolute, complete freedom. And when I get that type of green light I tend to get overwhelmed. Having too much creativity can get my mind flooded.  What do I do or how should I do this? I gotta make this the best I can. I've come to the point where I take things one step at a time. [I try to] keep it sharp and simple and if another idea pops up, boom! I can add that on there. But it is easy to start thinking that way, to get overwhelmed even when everything's been smooth sailing. It’s a very long process.

What is editing like for you? We haven't had any editors come through [yet]. 

Depends on the projects. I can say I'm pretty versatile, in terms of editing. I can go from my podcasts to music videos to highlight tapes to recaps behind the scenes. It can be tedious but, at the end of the day, I feel like it's what I can do. It's simple for me. Things can get tedious, but it's easy to overcome. 

How did you come up with the name "sirjru"? 

Honestly man, it was probably like in 2018 when I first wanted to mess around and start making music videos for some friends. I wanted to spell my name differently because in high school people would always call me Jarue. I wanted to put a little spin to my name, then going on Instagram and changing my username. I’m like, I gotta make my name look a little hip, you know?

I'm putting things together. I see “Sir” and “Drew” and I liked how it just looked cool. It’s been like 4 years and I don't plan on changing it at all, so I think I'm pretty solid on it. 

Yeah, it's a good name. I like it! 

So ArtCee is gonna be utilized to help artists collaborate on projects. What do you think is challenging about collaboration and how do you think a platform like ArtCee can help with that process?

Definitely. So I know with ArtCee you're gonna be able to see each other's portfolios and the way they work. Just having that already is way more than just getting a word from somebody you know. The internet has changed the whole world, so seeing their profile or how they work or how their stuff comes out, you can almost pick and choose who you’d like to know and who you’d want to work with. It’s easier and a more simplistic way to find out what you’ve got to work with. 

You're just starting out on your career, but you've done a lot of work. What are some words you'd like to share with people that are just emerging as artists? 

What I always like to say is just keep it pushing, no matter what. Being overwhelmed and stuff, just keep it pushing, you know? Take everything one step at a time and I promise you, you'll have your stuff lined up.  Because you can get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything. But if you take one step at a time and get one thing done at a time, then you're learning. I've stuck with that – take one thing at a time and keep it pushing. 

I love that! “Keep it pushing.” I'm gonna remember that. 

It keeps me positive. 

And that's what we need. Positivity in this business, because it's such a project to project game, and you just gotta “keep it pushing”, right? 

Literally, got to.

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