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Frequently Asked Questions


ArtCee is an online jobs and collaboration platform designed to showcase creatives, artists, and businesses in the arts and entertainment industry.


ArtCee gives experienced and emerging professionals control of their professional brand with one place to highlight their full range of talents and skills, share their portfolio, get hired, collaborate on projects, hire production teams, access industry members, and build relationships in the community. 

ArtCee helps them tie together personal mission with professional goals and expand their network with confidence and ease.

  • How many images, videos, or audio files can I add?
    You can upload as many as you'd like! We want you to highlight your skills and showcase your talents. We manage hosting so you don't have to. Keep your professional portfolio in one place. This is always FREE to ArtCee users.
  • Why do I need ArtCee?
    We want you to have one spot to create and share your full range of experience and skills — one place to tell your story, what drives you, along with sharing your visions and goals. Many like to use social media as a way to promote their professional brand which often gets tied in with their personal activity. The issue with relying only on these social platforms is running the risk of leaving it up to the viewer to decide "who you are". ArtCee allows you to tie your personal mission with your professional goals in a way that helps prospective employers & collaborators truly understand who you are and what you're about.
  • How do I collaborate with an Individual user on the platform?
    In order to reach out to another user directly, you need to create a Company account and have (or create) an active Job or Project. • Login under your Company • Go to your Active Jobs tab • Select your job/project • Find Matches for This Job You can then: 1) Select the Individual, view their Profile and resume, message or video call them directly. 2) Click on the Invite to Apply section to View All and use the filters to find who you want to collaborate with. View their Profile and resume, message, and invite them to apply. 3) Click on Review Submissions to see who has already applied. Here you can manage all of your activity and keep your interactions in one spot!
  • How does ArtCee help individuals get projects and jobs?
    The interaction process is pretty seamless on ArtCee. Users find job listings and can quickly apply or message the job poster directly. Your full profile, resume, portfolio, introduction and will then be viewable along with your cover letter or proposal. Hiring staff can attract applicants or use ArtCee’s search capability to find skilled applicants around the world. Then they can interact with them or track them for future interactions on ArtCee. Creative project owners can attract or search for people for development and production by skills and location. People can then hold discussions and negotiations on ArtCee’s platform.
  • Why can't I just message an Individual directly? Why do I need to register as a Company first?
    ArtCee isn't a social media platform though we do encourage our users to include their social media links on their profiles so it's easy to follow them. We want to make sure our users have legit projects or jobs before they can directly reach out to one another. This is for your safety so as to eliminate the potential for spam, scams, or other non-legitimate reasons to reach out to you.
  • How do I Post a Job?
    In order to Post a Job, you must register as a Company. This feature gives you additional functionality to your Individual account. Login under your Company. Click the POST A JOB button which opens up our Jobs template. Provide as many details as possible and click SAVE. Your Job will be added to the JOB BOARD and it can then be found by the many users that visit ArtCee. You can manage your Active jobs, track submissions and applications, find individuals with the best matches to your projects, or save them to pipeline for future projects.
  • Can I be on ArtCee if I don't live in the United States?
    Yes! ArtCee is designed to make access to talent, multi-creatives, and opportunities around the world easier and much more streamlined. That means it is open to everyone in this beautiful, creative world as long as they adhere to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. All pricing listed is in US Dollars.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    Creating your professional profile and uploading your entire portfolio on ArtCee is always FREE! We host all of your images, video and audio files so you don't have to. You can even share your unique URL to your network. Upgrade to one of the following plans for added benefits. SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES Happy Collaborating!
  • How is ArtCee different from other online arts and entertainment job and connection platforms?
    Most existing industry platforms are outdated and limited. They provide job boards, but not ways to easily interact. They may be for the arts community but do not highlight millions of individual professionals in one place. Also, they are transactional rather than relationships building. In general, they fail to meet the needs of professionals today to be known and seen at scale, and to access to the right industry people to interact and collaborate. ArtCee replaces the burden, time and cost of having to attract people to a personal website. Professionals promote themselves, projects and jobs on ArtCee to maximize their exposure and results. Hiring agents find applicants around the world, and can contact, track and have confidential video calls on ArtCee. Project owners with works in development, use ArtCee to workshop and build their team. ArtCee also highlights industry leaders and successes. Industry experts host educational workshops that aim to expand the skills and knowledge of ArtCee members.
  • Is ArtCee a non-profit organization?
    ArtCee is a for-profit technology company with a mission to elevate arts and entertainment professionals, projects and jobs by providing broad and immediate access to people, opportunities and resources. We contribute a percentage of revenues to our non-profit arm, The ArtCee Foundation. Through our 501(c)(3) we donate to charitable organizations whose mission aligns with the impact we are looking to make in our industry. The Soul Center is our charity partner registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Their mission is to provide mentorship opportunities to industry professionals looking to share their expertise and to provide hands-on arts programs for our at-risk youth. ArtCee's new Arts Fund offers grants for independent projects and scholarships to creatives looking to further their craft.


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