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Rachel Gomez on Creating ArtCee and the Artist Soul

In the ever-evolving world of Las Vegas' art scene, Rachel Gomez emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the path for creatives through her pioneering platform, ArtCee. But her journey in the arts & helping others find their way in their industries started long before the platform's inception. 


As the Founder and CEO, Rachel's story transcends personal triumph, focusing on cultivating an ecosystem where artistic expression is a way of life. In a candid conversation with ArtCee's Chief Brand Officer, Sunshine Dominguez, Rachel delves into the life of being a multi-hyphenate artist and the driving force behind one of Las Vegas' most transformative creative communities.

Las Vegas: A Melting Pot of Creatives & Artists of Every Kind 

While known primarily for its glittering lights and endless entertainment, Las Vegas is also a haven for an array of artistic communities. Rachel Gomez, with her visionary creation of ArtCee, stands at the intersection of technology, creativity, and collaboration – demonstrating a steadfast belief in the collective power of those who fuel the Arts, Creative, and Entertainment. 

Embarking on an artistic venture in Las Vegas (or any artistic venture for the matter) can be as daunting as it is exhilarating. Rachel offers unfiltered insights into overcoming the creative hurdles that artists often face, from carving out your niche to bringing your vision to fruition. Her straightforward advice serves as a lighthouse for creatives hitting a wall, emphasizing the essence of community and the strength found in unity.

The Art of Collaboration


At the heart of Rachel's ethos is the belief in the transformative potential of collaboration. This segment of our dialogue sheds light on how connecting with the right circle can not only elevate your art but also redefine your entire creative journey. Hear firsthand the stories of synergy and shared dreams, underscoring the monumental impact of collective endeavor in the arts.

What Lies Ahead for Artists in Las Vegas (and beyond!)

Peering into the future, Rachel unveils the exciting opportunities beckoning Las Vegas' artists. With ArtCee spearheading initiatives and events designed to spark creativity and showcase talent, the horizon is bright for those ready to leap. (Second Hollywood, anyone?) Learn more about ArtCee's upcoming ventures and collaborative projects that could mark the turning point in your artistic career.

The Strength in Creative Solidarity

Navigating the solitary waters of artistry need not be a solo voyage. Rachel champions the concept of collective progress through ArtCee, proving that synergy not only makes for smarter work but also amplifies success.

Feeling inspired to engage more deeply with a community of artists, creatives, and multi-passionates like yourself?


ArtCee, under Rachel Gomez's stewardship, invites you to champion yourself in a realm where your creative aspirations can go farther than first draft.


Learn how you can be a part of building this vibrant new community, ready to support you, fuel your projects, and pave the way for unforgettable collaborations – all while working on your dreams as an artist or creative.

As we celebrate Rachel Gomez and the trail she's blazed with ArtCee, let's embrace the opportunities for connection, growth, and artistic innovation.

Watch the Full Interview below:

Interviewed by: Sunshine Dominguez, Chief Branding Officer |

Check out Rachel's ArtCee Portfolio and get in touch!

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