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Rich Perez: From Sporting Goods to Sporting Glory

Rich Perez’s career in broadcasting may have started with a casual conversation at Foot Locker, but it quickly escalated to a successful stint at a local cable access station and then to fame as a prime-time sports broadcaster. His humble beginnings and openness to the possibilities are a testament to where passion and opportunity can lead.

Despite his initial hesitation and self-criticism, Rich's show soared to the top of the ratings, proving that his insights and commentary resonated with a sports-hungry audience. This early success laid the groundwork for a career that would span decades.

It was an interview with Dan Issel that changed everything for Rich. As a prominent figure in the sports world opened his network to Rich, it marked the beginning of a series of professional triumphs that underscored the importance of connections and respect in the industry.

Rich's commitment to the growth of the industry is shown in his dedication to nurturing new talent. With a keen eye for potential and a willingness to guide, he has become a pivotal figure in shaping the future voices of sports broadcasting, and beyond. (Ever heard of a guy named Neyo???)

Among the many stories, Rich recounts a pivotal moment with Dan Issel, a Nugget legend who opened doors for him in professional sports broadcasting. Rich's philosophy? Treat everyone with equal respect, as today's rookies could be tomorrow's stars. He fondly recalls his early interactions with now-big names like Jimmy Garoppolo, revealing how these connections often come full circle.

Rich Perez remains an influential figure in sports and in his community, promoting growth, connection, and the enduring power of stories. His journey from an accidental broadcaster to a respected mentor reflects a life richly lived and shared. His experience is not only a chronicle of a sports broadcaster's life but also an inspiring map for those navigating their own paths in the world of arts and communication.

Join us in exploring Rich Perez’s remarkable story by watching the full interview below!

Interviewed by: Patrick Reynolds, Head of Sports Entertainment |

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