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Saquan Perry

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What is your creative process like for you when you make a project or idea?

Honestly, I go into a sketchbook or a sketching app on my tablet and I'll just scribble. I'll just do a bunch of scribbles until I make some shapes and start to see something within it. I draw around my scribbles, honestly. It truly starts from a really messy process. Usually, I don't have an idea! I'll go on paper too and draw a bunch of scribbles or lines! Thinking, maybe I could turn this into a face or a body and try to build out from there. If it's a background, it depends on the location it might be in. I used to do a cartoon called "Barry Tales." The creator would give me an idea of the place he wanted. I would look up references and start piecing things together and building out. As far as characters go, they usually start with scribbles!

Sometimes writers get writers' block! Do you ever get visual artist block? How do you overcome that?

Artist block is real! I'm going to be honest; I'm just starting to get out of an artist block. I've been in this for about a year now. A year ago, my wife deployed to Afghanistan and I was at home raising our son and working. I was also trying to develop the pilot episode for a cartoon I produced. While going through that, It was a lot for me mentally. Usually for an artist's block, I'll take a step back and get my mental health in check. That way, I can really evaluate what I want in life. Sometimes, it could be overwhelming. I write too! Having all these thoughts in my head, like my creations plus trying to take care of everything at home, sometimes it feels impossible. Right now, I am coming out of it and have been creating more the past few months!

You write and draw? You do it all! That's amazing. At Artcee, were hoping that this platform can allow individuals to create projects and find other artists that share the same interests and goals. What are your thoughts on this new platform?

Honestly, Artcee is something that I needed a year ago when I was producing that pilot for my cartoon. I was looking though Instagram and Facebook groups searching for writers, animators, voice actors and everything to help me out! Unfortunately, I've gotten a few false starts. I've even gotten scammed! I paid the creator and gave him the directives and they stopped contacting me. Somewhere in the world, there's someone in Nigeria that has my artwork and my scripts. It's scary, I hope they don't do anything with it! A platform like Artcee would be great because it would be a streamlined way of contacting other creators, that way I can collaborate. It's something that I need to do because I want to produce a full animated series. Animating, writing, story boarding and voice acting, It feels impossible to do alone! I need a team with it. This is a team sport. Artcee is right up my alley!

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Do you have any parting words for our emerging artists that are just getting their start in this career?

I used to have the saying "Embrace The Chaos!" Over the past year I started to realize embracing chaos is good because sometimes it gets chaotic and you have to keep your cool but right now my main advice? Stay focused and take care of your mental health! As a creator, it can be tough sometimes. Especially when you face those blocks, you feel useless through those blocks. Just remember, you're not useless. You're always a "creative creator" no matter how much you create or how little you create.

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